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The video card is supplied with a daughter board AOPEN PA256 Pro TV-out, but it lacks for a connector for digital monitors DVI. Of course, Retail-package exists as well, but we do not know what's included there.

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Overclocking The general formula of overclocking is the following: Note that always while overclocking a video card you'd better to insert an additional cooler at least a fan blowing on the memory modules. The boards of the GeForce2 Pro class are equipped with a fast 5 ns memory capable of AOPEN PA256 Pro at MHz.

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The experience says that the memory will allow to overclock maximum by 30 MHz, but on such boards we already obtained MHz. This card managed to reach MHz memory frequency, but in that case we saw some artifacts, that's why I had to decrease the speed down to MHz, and during 22 hours of continuous testing we didn't notice anything bad. With a hope to receive a considerable speed AOPEN PA256 Pro such overclocking, we will show you how GPU frequency influences the overall performance, i. Note that while overclocking we AOPEN PA256 Pro an additional fan mounted in the case of the test machine. Unfortunately, the video card is shipping together with drivers of rather old version - 5. That's why we downloaded the latest drivers of 6.

This software completely follows the reference drivers in settings. For comparison we used results of the following video cards: Test results As for 2D-graphics I have nothing new to say here. AOPEN PA256 Pro


Once again I should remind you: Now comes an estimation of the card's performance in 3D. The following programs were used: Quake3 Arena The test on the standard demo was carried out in two modes: Fast shows card's work in AOPEN PA256 Pro color and High Quality shows card's work in bit color.

Expendable We will use this game to show the card's speed in Direct3D. Overclocking yields marked increase in speed.

Below you will see how strong a memory working speed can influence the overall performance. A simple way to do it is to fix GPU's AOPEN PA256 Pro speed and increase memory frequency.

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But this doesn't give a full-value AOPEN PA256 Pro, since memory overclocking is limited too much. That's why I took the opposite way: This board may prove to be the best overclocking solution once OpenBIOS is released and its coupled with a much better cooling solution than AOPEN PA256 Pro comes with but until then its' all around average offering doesn't help it stand out from the crowd. The Gladiac offers an interesting software bundle arrangement for those that care about bundled games and the DVD player can be had with a little effort. Although this board will not have video-in capabilities, it does come with everything else you will most likely need in a GeForce2 based board.

Ever since I have been involved in personal computers, I have been interested in hardware: I spend a good two hours every day fulfilling my hardware curiosity. There was one weak component to this system and it was my graphic card which was a Matrox Mystique I felt ready to wait until something special appeared.

The other aspect of the equation is that most hardware sites are nearly exclusively Windows oriented. Do not hesitate to AOPEN PA256 Pro this page more often to download latest AOpen PA Pro software and drivers for your display hardware.

In order to install w9xrexe. Here is a step by step manual guide for AOPEN PA256 Pro PA Pro software installation process on Windows XP. 1 Download w2krexe file for Windows XP, save.


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