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The R shares the Toshiba Portege R930-L chassis as its predecessor, the R All of that is crammed into a Magnesium alloy casing that weighs a little more than 3.

Technical Details

The screen is housed in a magnesium alloy lid which helps to keep it safe and is attached to the main chassis via two metal hinges that hint at durability. Ports and Features As previously mentioned, one of the biggest Toshiba Portege R930-L between an Ultrabook and a business ultrabortable like the Toshiba Portege R is the array of ports. All port descriptions listed below are shown from left to right.


The limited resolution makes it difficult to multitask with multiple document windows open at the same time. The R is whisper quiet, with only a barely perceivable hum Toshiba Portege R930-L from a small cooling fan located inside the unit. The operation of the computer will not be impaired in any way, but it is recommended that a minimum distance of 30cm is maintained between the computer and a mobile phone that is in use. Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort All important information on the safe and proper use of this computer is described in the enclosed Instruction Toshiba Portege R930-L for Safety and Comfort.

Be sure to read it before using the computer. User's Manual xvi Chapter 1 Getting Started This chapter provides an equipment checklist, and basic information to start using your computer. Some of the features described in this manual may not function properly if you use an operating system that was not pre-installed by TOSHIBA. Equipment checklist Carefully Toshiba Portege R930-L your computer, taking care to save the box and packaging materials for future use.

Hardware Check to make sure you have all the following items: Getting Started All users should be sure to read the section Starting up for the first time. Be sure to read the enclosed Instruction Manual for Safety Toshiba Portege R930-L Comfort for information on the safe and proper use of this computer. It is intended to help you be more comfortable and productive while using a notebook computer. By following the recommendations in it you may reduce your chance of developing a painful or disabling injury to your hand, arms, shoulders or neck. This section provides basic information to start using your computer. It covers the following topics: Connecting the AC adaptor Opening the display Turning on the power Starting up for the first time Turning off the power Restarting the computer Use a virus-check program and make sure it is updated regularly.

Never format storage media without checking its content - formatting destroys all stored data. It is a good idea to periodically back up the internal hard disk drive or other main storage device to external media.

General storage media is not durable or stable Toshiba Portege R930-L long periods of time and under certain conditions may result in data loss. User's Manual Before you install a device or application, save any data in memory to the hard disk drive or other storage media. Failure to do so may result in the loss of data. It is also the fastest way to get started, because the battery pack will need to be charged before you can operate from battery power.

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The adaptor converts AC power to DC power and reduces the voltage supplied to this computer. Use of an incompatible AC adaptor could cause fire Toshiba Portege R930-L damage to the computer possibly resulting in serious injury. Never plug the AC adaptor into a power source that does not correspond to both the voltage and the frequency specified on the regulatory label of the unit.

Failure to do so could result in a fire or electric shock, possibly resulting in serious injury. Always use or purchase power cables that comply with the legal voltage and frequency specifications and requirements in the country of use. The supplied power cord conforms to safety rules and regulations in the region the product is bought and should not be used outside this region. For use in other regions, please buy power cords that conform to safety rules and regulations in the particular region. Do not use a 3-pin to 2-pin conversion plug. Connecting the power cable to a live electrical outlet should be the last step otherwise the adaptor DC Toshiba Portege R930-L plug could hold an electrical charge and cause an electrical shock Toshiba Portege R930-L minor bodily injury when touched.

As a general safety precaution, avoid touching any metal parts.

Download Toshiba BIOS drivers - Page 26

User's Manual Never place your computer or AC adaptor on a wooden surface, furniture, or any other surface that could be marred by exposure to heat since the computer base and AC adaptor's surface increase in temperature during normal use. Always place your computer or AC adaptor on a flat and hard surface that is resistant to heat damage. Refer to the enclosed Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort for detailed precautions and handling instructions. Connect the power cord to the AC adaptor. Toshiba Portege R930-L Connecting the DC output plug to the computer R 1 2 1. DC IN 19V jack 2.


DC output Toshiba Portege R930-L User's Manual 3. Plug the power cord into a live wall outlet - the Battery and DC IN indicators on the front of the computer should glow. Opening the display The display panel can be opened to a wide range of angles for optimal viewing.


Portégé RC0 maximum life: up to 9h00min (Mobile Mark™ ); weight: starting at kg; W x L x H: x x (front) / (rear) mm. Portégé RCX. Part number: PTE-0CSEN. Portégé RCX. Windows® 7 Professional bit (pre-installed) and.

Windows 8 Pro bit (on DVD).Missing: L.

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