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Heheh, I was shopping for you: Price has gone up slightly, but is obviously worth it. The public list is here: Dunno if you have an OS disk or an extra optical drive sitting around, aftermarket HSF isn't necessary unless you plan to overclock All in all I'd say this is a pretty damn good machine for the price, and has an upgrade path if you want more power in a few years can be upgraded to an Intel Quad Core and has enough power to handle higher Aopen VX1000Y video cards I'm sure I forgot something else, I'm a little scatterbrained: Didn't know you could do that Posting now, will edit WTF I fail!

Quick Summary of my Post: Motherboard Form Factor: Important to match your form factor to your needs and case. Three standards: BTX - A new standard being pushed by Intel, it hasn't gained the support from the industry, so chances are you might not run into it.


ITX are specific Aopen VX1000Y of boards often used for small factor builds, so most often an ATX case would be out. This is very important as nowadays shrouds are becoming normal on even mid-range cards. Air Flow - Try to always buy the bigger fans.

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Avoid the 80mm or smaller cases. Aim for the mm.

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You'll see a huge difference in decibels if you check the fans ratings. As for flow the Aopen VX1000Y setup as it has been debated countless times as the better build: Front - Intake try to have at least one, and sit it over your HDD bays, this is especially important if you live in warmer climates. Heat will destroy your HDDs faster and will create bad sectors sooner. Aopen VX1000Y

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Door - Intake most often these line up right over your GPU. Ceiling - Exhaust ceiling fans are optional but when you have one, let it draw out the heat that will radiant from your PSU. If you plan on watching a lot of movies it also helps to keep your optical drives cooler, and dust free. Rear Aopen VX1000Y Exhaust always have at least 1 exhaust. Try to line it up as best as Aopen VX1000Y can over your CPU.

This could cause trouble, but if you have an exhaust fan right there, Aopen VX1000Y. Try to make your rear exhaust fan your biggest fan most efficient CFM bad boy, it will do most of the work to maintain proper air flow. PSU - This is very important.

Check the rails. Try to stay away from mutli-Rail PSU. I know they are becoming the trend, but they are designed mostly to offload burden from one rail and can be coupled to meet Aopen VX1000Y power ratings in other words, for expert use and sometimes not worth the hassle.

Here is an example of a 6Rail Aopen VX1000Y If you connect these wrongs your GPU might starve causing issues. Avoid this headache unless you need specific power ratings and stick to a single Aopen VX1000Y dual rail system. The 12V rail will feed just about everything: Don't get tricked by the wattage rating. Here are two examples: That's almost double that of the W at a rating of 30Ws lower. The wattage is the average of all the rails. I've seen a lot of econ PSUs with Amps per rail.


Not bad, but it won't hold its weight when you want to upgrade to stronger stuff. It brought the post window up empty.

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Which just sucked. I've done the same exact thing a few times and it does suck.

Model, VXY. External Interface / Connectors: Line Audio Output USB / Input S-Terminal Capture Connector Digital RF Tuner Connector. Aopen VX1000Y VXY Video Card Ulead [email protected] for Windows /XP 32bit.

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