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The submenu includes different items, but they're well-tuned to the enthusiast photographer. Whether many photographers will use Nikon D90 Camera of these functions, it's good to have them here, rather than having to dig for them in the menu.

Most important functions that I usually want to access quickly have their own button, including Flash Exposure Compensation and Bracketing. Changing most other items of importance is done by a button, including ISO, White Balance, Image Quality on the left of the LCD ; and metering mode, EV compensation, Drive mode, and Autofocus mode on the top deck ; and even Nikon D90 Camera exposure compensation is integrated into the flash pop-up button, appearing on the left of the lens mount, just above the Bracket button.

Nikon D90 Camera are all critical functions that need their own button for fast access, and they're out where you can find them easily; in the case of the latter two, you'll have to learn their positions, since they're out of sight, but at least you won't have to dig Nikon D90 Camera the menu to activate these features. Having the power switch around the shutter button is always nice too, because you can turn the camera on without taking your eye away from the viewfinder. I frequently turn my digital SLR off as I walk around, and some models make you pull the camera from your face to even find the switch. Like all other Nikons, the shutter sound of the Nikon D90 is relatively quiet and tame. It's not whisper quiet, but there's not a lot of winding and whirring, just the necessary clicking to activate the mirror and shutter.

Technical Specification

Check Nikon D90 Camera video at right to see what the Nikon D90 sounds like at its maximum frame rate of 4. According to company figures, the Nikon D90 speeds along in several areas over its predecessor, including startup time 0.


That's of particular importance to me, because I like to keep my eye on the subject. Similar to the Nikon D80's viewfinder, the Nikon D90's point autofocus system is arrayed in a diamond formation.

Nikon D90 Digital Cameras eBay

Still called the Nikon D90 Cameraas on the D80, the Nikon D90's AF engine has been updated to include 3D focus tracking and the advantage of Face Detection, which will bias AF points to favor eyes over noses and other objects in a scene. As a test of this system, I held my hand up in front of my nose much like the Three Stooges used to do to protect their eyes from pokes by their fellow stooges, and had someone take a picture of me. The Multi-Cam consistently lit up the AF points right over my eyes, rather than choosing the closer object my handwhich was a welcome surprise. If this system is applied to a camera with point autofocus, it will realize its full power. Nikon D90 users will have to remember to keep their subject's eyes under the 11 AF points for it to work properly, but that's better than having to hope the camera will guess right.

Better, of course, is to lock the AF point manually; but if you're in a hurry, you'll take what you can get.

Nikon D90 - Wikipedia

Three inches big, it makes checking your images more satisfying and sure; and autofocus in Live view mode is bound to be Nikon D90 Camera accurate as well. The D80's screen was no slouch by any means, but higher resolution is higher resolution. Even menus benefit from the higher res, more color-rich screen. For one, they can use smaller fonts for more descriptive titles, and include more explanatory text via the help button. A removable screen cover is still included with the Nikon D90, but the back glass is tempered to resist scratching. I've finally gotten used to using the screen protector, but be sure to carefully clean it before going out for a shoot in daylight, as the protector can transmit even more glare in daylight when it's dirty or smudged.

Just as we've seen on non-SLR digital cameras, the Nikon D90's Face detection helps determine focus, exposure, and white balance. Activating Live view on other Nikon SLRs has included turning the Drive Mode dial to Lv and then pressing the shutter button to lock the mirror up; hardly intuitive. The Nikon D90, however, has a dedicated Live view button on the back, just right of the LCD, within easy reach of the thumb. With a single press of the Lv button, the mirror flips up and Live view framing begins.

The difference with the Nikon D90 is Nikon D90 Camera you can only focus in Contrast-detect mode, whereas the Nikon D Nikon D90 Camera D allowed a choice between Handheld Phase-detect and Tripod mode Contrast-detect mode. Phase-detect AF in a Live View SLR is always a noisy affair, as it generally involves dropping and raising the mirror twice once to focus and once to take the shotbut it's generally faster than contrast-detect focusing, particularly as implemented on the D There's a good reason why Nikon refers to the contrast-detect AF mode as "Tripod mode," as it takes a long time for the camera to focus when using it; easily several seconds in some circumstances, and never less than about 2. Still, it works very well if you're not in a hurry, and by its very nature, is never subject to the front- or back-focusing that can plague phase-detect AF systems if they're even a tiny bit out of adjustment.

If face detection is activated, the Nikon D90 quickly begins tracking faces, placing a yellow box around each one, up to five at a time.

Once focus is achieved, the box turns green. Panasonic, for the Nikon D90 Camera, was first with this feature. Capturing a movie is as easy as pressing the OK button when in Live view mode. Nikon is first with something else: Movie recording in Live view mode.


Just press the OK button to start recording. The Nikon D90 is a megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) model announced by Nikon on August 27, Nikon gave the D90's Estimated Selling Price in the United States Nikon D90 Camera US$ Nikon D90 Camera the body alone and as $ with the Nikkor AF-S DX mm f/G ED VR, which by itself sold for $List price‎: ‎$ Nikon Imaging Products Digital SLR Cameras. D Stunning image quality, broad control and the world's first digital SLR movie function. Key Features.

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