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Dune HD is without doubt one of the most popular media player manufacturers around if not the most popular and today we will be taking a look at their latest addition in their product line the Dune HD Connect Universal Media Player. Dune HD is a global leader in high definition media players and connected boxes for consumers and operators. As part of activities at IFA, Dune HD will showcase an extensive Dune HD Connect Media Player of new products, which feature faster performance and full 3D support to deliver the richest user experience.

Dune HD Connect stick is world's smallest Full HD Media player

Over the course of the last five years, Dune HD has built a world-leading position in home media players and set-top Dune HD Connect Media Player. With its expertise in multiple-format media and streaming, Dune is perfectly placed to take advantage of the boom in IP-based content delivery. This change takes effect after settings reset or when installing r11 firmware over b9 firmware.

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HDD formatting did not work in some cases on the following models: ZOOM function did not work in some cases. My Collection, Movies, Music did not work on some player models tvd2 and base3d2.

HDMI audio output did not work properly in some specific cases. Stopping playback of TV channel in Kartina. This allows you to input them manually in the various setup menus.

Sadly, Dune does not provide a great deal of instruction for these. Those of you who have set up home networks before will be old hands at this, but for me, it was an altogether new experience. With some help from my resident go-to PC guru RayJr. Thankfully, installing an internal hard drive into the front mounted 3.


Once all the drives were connected and in sync with each other, I was able to begin Dune HD Connect Media Player the Dune's onscreen interface, which out of the box is pretty straightforward and easy to do. The user interface is largely icon-based, though you can easily change what Dune calls your "view" of it to list mode if you so desire. The first screen you see is your home screen. At first glance, it's populated to the gills with options and icons that you may or may not want. Highlighting the item you like and Dune HD Connect Media Player enter will take you to that particular feature.

DUNE HD Connect

Highlighting an item and hitting the pop-up menu button on the remote will bring up a list of options that let you do anything from renaming the feature to deleting it altogether. I wanted to keep my home screen as uncluttered as possible, so I removed all of the superfluous items until I was left with the following options: You can also re-skin the home page background, as Dune does give you a wide variety of choices with regard to preloaded skins. From here, you can upload whatever content you wish to your network and the Dune HD Max will see it and play it back, provided it's encoded in a compatible format.

However, navigating through that content is done purely in list or generic icon fashion, which is lightning fast, reliable and easy, but not altogether sexy. To spice the user experience up a bit, you'll need to download a few inexpensive or sometimes even free programs from the Internet. The Hookup -Part 2: Media Scraping, Library and Encoding Software Apple products rely on iTunes for their metadata and organizational schemes. What this means is, if you like a particular way a piece of music software handles your Dune HD Connect Media Player collection, Dune HD Connect Media Player can most likely use it with the Dune while relying on another piece of software for movies, thus tailoring your experience to your needs.

Dune HD Base 3D P High Definition Network Media Player

This also means that you're going to be responsible for more of the legwork, which may sound like a raw deal, but once you get into it, it isn't as bad as it sounds - in fact, it's better than anything iTunes can do, although some solutions may not look as sexy as iTunes. Zappiti is what is referred to as a movie scraper: Dune supplied me with a handful of legally-acquired Dune HD Connect Media Player movie trailers that I was able to sync with Zappiti in order to test its scraping abilities. Zappiti is by no means the only metadata scraping software available for the Dune via the Internet. However, having used all three, I found Zappiti to be Dune HD Connect Media Player most user-friendly for a newbie.

Getting Zappiti to pull metadata such as poster art, synopsis, files and contact data is a breeze - simply tell it where your files are stored and where you'd like to store said metadata, and Zappiti handles the rest. In my test, which included more than a dozen movie trailers, Zappiti worked without fail, often taking just a few minutes to complete its task. Where Zappiti sometimes comes up short is in its retrieval of actor or studio metadata, though both are easily worked around via its manual edit function.

When all is said and done, Zappiti will leave you with a cover flow style of navigation, whereby your screen is filled with small thumbnail posters for you to browse through, much like K-Scape. The amazing new Dune HD Connect sets a new standard in compact size, low cost and network connectivity.


Featuring Full HD p support and built-in Wi-Fi. Firmware Zone - Dune HD Connect.


This is a huge firmware update for old/dicontinuted Dune HD media player models based on old MIPS Sigma Designs.

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