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September 2, I thought long and hard before purchasing this laptop, especially since there are few reviews anywhere for it.


To help others make their own decisions, I'm going to list why I bought this model from Amazon. I recently obtained a new Lenovo with a touch screen, which was my first experience at integrating a Toshiba Satellite L55Dt with a touch screen, instead of just on phones and tablets. It speeds up getting to where I wanted to go, whether on Windows 8 or I loved the laptop, and Toshiba Satellite L55Dt it being less expensive than the Lenovo, it performed better with fewer problems and a LOT less intrusive bloatware.

I hated the Lenovo after a few weeks, and went back to my cheaper Toshiba. Essentially, this laptop delivered most of what I wanted, keeping the essential core of processor, harddrive space, and RAM the same as the previously purchased model. This model also has an optical drive, for us dinosaurs that still install software and occasionally burn disks for things. The Lenovo had abandoned that. It also has a slot for my camera cards, since Toshiba Satellite L55Dt also still use a camera instead of just my cell phone camera. I wanted to pay the least amount, and while Walmart had the same price for a very similar model, that model lacked the optical drive.

I also am suspicious of how good their extended warranty is if you ever file a claim. We had had previous experience with the same company as Amazon uses, and they did honor the claim on a dead laptop. So, that won out. Same price, but better features, even if the extended warranty was more expensive.


Now the Toshiba Satellite L55Dt side. I don't know why laptops have such dreadful battery life now, or why they have done away with the batteries that can be replaced by the consumer which meant you could have a fully charged spare on hand. This one isn't fantastic, but it's as good as you can get with a full sized laptop without spending a LOT more. Typically, official estimated time is also grossly overstated. This one is about what I'd call average and minimal acceptable performance with battery use. So the battery means I'm not excited, but I knew that already.


The second thing is that the screen is not quite as vibrant as my previous Toshiba. The colors are a bit washed out is all. There is a reasonably good visibility on the screen from side to side, without that weird negative effect occurring, which means it works well as a portable entertainment device too. The lack of good vibrancy isn't Toshiba Satellite L55Dt deal breaker, but I'm going to miss it too. It also slightly distorts colors when comparing them on screen, so when using Toshiba Satellite L55Dt for shopping or other display oriented stuff can be tricky. Just don't expect it to be true colors when you receive an item. I'd also avoid this if I was doing any graphic work with color--it might end up kind of weird.

: Customer reviews: Toshiba Satellite L55Dt-C Inch Touchscreen Laptop

Since I Toshiba Satellite L55Dt minimal editing on photos, and primarily use my laptop for surfing, shopping, bills, and word processing, this will work for me. Just be aware that the screen isn't the best in terms of color, and is probably the compromise to get the low priced touchscreen. What thrills me the most is the keyboard. The keys are black, while the bezel is a silvery Toshiba Satellite L55Dt. It is a fantastic contrast for those who are not as bright eyed as they once were, or working in low light on occasion. I can still easily distinguish the keys and ensure I land on the home row without error. I can find the num pad too.

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Billionton AP-3000Toshiba Satellite L55DT-C5238

I also liked that it arrived with Windows 10 on board and no updating necessary. Like it or not, Windows 10 is here, and buying a system with Toshiba Satellite L55Dt previous operating system may not be wise.

Toshiba Satellite L55Dt-C5238 - 15.6" - A8 7410 - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD

Having one that is designed to have 10 on it is ideal, in my opinion. The touch screen, Cortana not gotten to using her yet and all of the new features all work on this model. I can't comment on the touch pad--I hate them, don't use them, and always use the same Logitech marble track ball due to limited use Toshiba Satellite L55Dt my right arm.

This has the memory Toshiba Satellite L55Dt keep up with me and my habit of having a lot of tabs and programs open at the same time without a problem. It is fast enough to not aggravate me on my most impatient day. Toshiba just does not pre-install as much crap, for which I am thankful. I have the option of using the software I prefer and installing that. There is plenty of memory on the harddrive for my favorite movies, as well as all of my software, document and photo files.

It's also a bit smaller and lighter than my original Toshiba, for which my back is thankful when I pack it up to Toshiba Satellite L55Dt somewhere. It also runs far cooler than any of the numerous HP laptops I have used in the past, and the power supply Toshiba Satellite L55Dt not get hot either. All in all, my sole complaints are the lack of vibrancy in the screen and the battery life, which still gives me several hours of off-grid usage. I haven't timed how long it takes to charge yet, nor have a tried a car charger to see how long it takes in the car to recharge.

If you don't depend on the battery and aren't concerned about colors on your screen, this may well be your ideal computer. The Official Toshiba Support Website provides support for Satellite L55DT-BSM.

The Official Toshiba Support Website provides support for Satellite L55DT-CS.

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