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Pop one of the few 3D discs available into the drive, and the 'C demonstrates a pleasingly fast load-time. Unfortunately, while there are impressive degrees of depth to its reproduction of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, it looks a little too much like a series of flat, overlaid images, rather than a rounded, solid whole. It's certainly not the only player to lack a bit of believability, though, and the vivid but balanced colours prove to be a bonus once more. Top of the class with DVD Where the Samsung is right at the top of the class is with DVD, as it manages to upscale the brilliant Sherlock Holmes with excellent detail, sharpness and control. Ditto Motion-Adaptive noise reduction, which is still blurry and not ideal, but I've seen worse. The new remote might not be sexy, but it Samsung BD-C6900 Player its job well.

This means the player can recognize the inherent 2: The diner scene was rendered precisely through all of the shifting Cadences, with only occasional, faint flickering on the coffee cups. And on the Film with Video titles, the letters were solid and the guitar strings were clean for the horizontal crawl, although the player needed longer than usual to lock onto the vertical crawl, with a brief stutter and the first credit rising to about the center of the frame before the titles achieved and maintained acceptable clarity. Stepping up to the HQV Benchmark Blu-ray, the BD-C did a good-but-not-great job reducing the noise on native HD content, but fared remarkably well on test patterns, indicating full resolution processing.

As in the standard-definition realm, this was some of the best performance I've ever seen on the high-def Jaggies tests, too.

These tests are only applicable to i content, however, which is a fairly small percentage of what you'll find on Samsung BD-C6900 Player Disc. So yeah, thumbs-up here, too. It doesn't do as well on all of these oddball cadences on the test pattern torture tests, but it gets the common ones right. Remember what I said earlier about difficulties locking onto the text in DVD title crawls? Well, the opening of the Blade Runner Blu-ray Samsung BD-C6900 Player a weird hiccup on some, not all of the opening credits, where they hang as gray for a fraction of a second before finally, fully appearing white against the black. Back with the BD-C, once the movie itself begins, the image is noisy and lean on detail, with gloppy, flickering shadows.

More pleasing was Sleeping Beautywhere the purity of the lush animation shone through in every frame, even the idiosyncrasies of the art and the process as the sometimes noticeable layering is revealed, in a good way I suppose. The quality of standard-def upconversion on my Gladiator DVD was fine, better than some. Other new Blu-ray titles that have been reported as problematic in some players Watchmen and Avatar also played back fairly uneventfully on the BD-C, with a couple of caveats.

Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray Player

There was a very slight delay in the audio in Watchmen which cleared up after chapter 1, and there was one brief one-second glitch on Avatar a few minutes in, but returning to that section of Samsung BD-C6900 Player disc again, it played through without a problem. Without being able to reproduce this consistently it's hard to say whether it's the software or the hardware that was to blame here.


Neither the player nor the TV include the necessary active shutter 3D glasses, and so Samsung hand-delivered one of their coveted 3D Starter Kitscontaining two pairs of glasses and an exclusive preview Samsung BD-C6900 Player of Monsters vs. Aliens on Blu-ray 3D available only in this accessory bundle.

For Samsung BD-C6900 Player, I tried to play the MvA Blu-ray 3D Samsung BD-C6900 Player in my first generation PlayStation 3 and not only did it not function, I did not even receive a little icon in the XrossMediaBar to tell me that there was a disc inside the drive. We loved seeing a Blu-ray disc spinning away through the translucent window on the top of the Samsung BD-C An annoying downside is that you won't be able to put it in a stack of home entertainment equipment and still access the top-mounted controls. Thankfully an easy-to-use remote control is bundled.

We opted for wired Ethernet networking, but wireless The Samsung BD-C starts up quickly with a menu on-screen in under 20sec, which is a pleasant improvement from older players' minutes-long boot times. The on-screen interface of the Samsung BD-C is attractive, with full-colour graphics and animated transitions between menu options. Manuals and Downloads.


Update the Firmware on a Blu-Ray Player Using USB. 4 of 13 Top Solutions for Blu-ray Disc Player (C Series). View full Samsung BD-C specs on CNET. Brand. Samsung. Product Line.

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