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See our Strick Privacy Policy. Once burned with this newer firmware, they will also play back with fewer errors on DVD Acer DW800A. For emergency there is the usual eject hole, this time located in the middle. For the first time it is possible to directly measure and optimise the actual writing quality during the writing process. I had the newest Acer DW800A and used only Verbatim DVDs.

Acer DW800A firmware 1.01

W01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. This was the best time in our comparison with the Acer DW800A two drives. To make sure, disconnect now and reconnect the Acer device again, and maybe this time the driver Acer DW800A be downloaded. Install the driver manually This solution may seem more complicated - but it is nothing further from the truth.

Just download the Acer DWA firmware 1. When an error is detected during loading, the Acer DW800A will stop to load and display read error message. If the setting is Yes, there will be no message shown even there is an error in reading. You can use Acer DW800A function to copy some discs with errors.

Default is To save labor, with Yes setting of this function, customer can load first the discs onto all trays on drives and force those trays to insert with pressing the Go button once on controller card. Page 18 of 33 Wytron Technology Co. Some advanced writers in the market are featured with UDMA66 transfer mode. With such writers Acer DW800A, set to UDMA66 option will improve the performance, also the stability.

If one of the connected devices doesnt support the UDMA66 feature, the system might become unstable or even hang. If option is changed, after quitting the function, make sure to reboot the system to make the changing activate. Without rebooting the system, the transfer mode will not be switched correctly. Several conditions must be complied to make this option work: Once set, there will be password required when booting and only those users knowing the password can use this machine for operation. You may press the MODE button to select the number the number is a cycle loop Acer DW800A Password 1 and after selection, press GO button to quit. The Password 2 will be shown on the LCD display and again you can select the second digit the way you have done for Password 1.

In the Acer DW800A steps, input two more digits for Password 3 and 4 in similar operation.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic - i can't work like that >System slow [uhm Solved]

Acer DW800A Total there will be 4 single digits for Password 1 to 4 respectively. After completing the password changing, system will record the 4 digits password and Acer DW800A you reboot the machine or need to change the password again, system will ask you to input the current password for identification. Page 19 of 33 DVD Controller Password can be changed again by setting Yes to the Change Password function but the current password must be input correctly first.


If user wants to disable the password function, simply set the password to and then the password function will be deactivated cannot be set as Acer DW800A. Wrong password input during the booting stage will cause the hang of duplicator and freeze all operation.

Acer DW800A User must restart the machine to input the correct password again. This option setting will not be saved and will be restored to NO during rebooting of duplicator. You will have to change the setting again after rebooting if you wish to use on-the-fly direct copy while there is a hard drive installed. This setting will appear only if there is a hard drive installed. Any Acer DW800A drive connected on Wytrons controller card will be partitioned by controller card itself and end-user needs not to pre-arrange any additional process on the hard drive.

Suspicious Activity Detected

User just needs to Acer DW800A the hard drive on the Wytrons Acer DW800A card and then the controller card will handle the partition job automatically. All the data stored in hard drive before connecting on controller card will be erased and overwritten after connection on the controller card and end-user must avoid of using such hard drive with valuable data in it. There are total four option settings under this function which are Auto default settingM, 4. The default setting of this function is Auto which will handle the partition size by controller card itself during drive detection when booting.

If controller card finds no DVD writers in the connected drives, the M of Acer DW800A size would be chose. Page 20 of 33 Wytron Technology Co. Acer DWA firmware Multiple choices to download Acer DWA firmware.

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Get the Acer DWA firmware driver. An official Acer software for the Firmware device. Update the Acer DWA firmware drivers so that Acer DW800A can.

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