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On the pen displays front, sometimes touch input gets in the way of your work and can interfere with the pen, even with the excellent palm rejection on newer Wacom models. Which pen tablet should I Wacom PL-2200 Tablet


Wacom is still the best Wacom PL-2200 Tablet, but keep an eye on the alternatives Wacom still offers the best pen tablets on the market but the competition has been heating up on the past few years and now we can find viable competitors from a variety of brands such as Huion, XP-Pen, Artisul, Gaomon, Monoprice, Ugee and Yiynova. Unlike most of the competition, Wacom pens use a patented electromagnetic resonance EMR technology, so they don't need batteries or any wires to function, reducing maintenance and weight for a more natural pen feel. The most noticeable difference, though, is not the lack of a battery.

To Wacom PL-2200 Tablet fair, nowadays the batteries on alternative pen tablet brands last so long that this is not really an issue and both XP-Pen and Huion offer models with battery-free EMR pens. What really Wacom PL-2200 Tablet Wacom pen tablets apart is better pen precision, with improved pressure transitions and less wavy diagonal lines than the competition. Wacom tablets tend to be supported for a longer time and have better drivers and third party integration than competing brands, making them a lasting investment.

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As those devices come down in price, creative professionals may be tempted to migrate from a traditional pen tablet Intuos or pen display Cintiq Pro to a full blown tablet that integrates pen, display and computer in a single device. This makes a lot of sense for illustrators as all-in-one devices combine portability with the practicality of working directly on a canvas. Mobile computer power has been increasing steadily and tablet computers can now replace desktop computers for most tasks. Wacom introduced two new tablet computers in The MobileStudio Pro Wacom PL-2200 Tablet The Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 is an illustrator's dream come true: In addition to those, the new Cintiq Pro 24 and 32 models can accept an optional computing module called Wacom Cintiq Wacom PL-2200 Tablet Engine.

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This module turns the pen display into an upgradeable Windows 10 workstation. These modules are pricey but deliver pro grade hardware on a compact package, which can be interesting for users in professional environments. InWacom still produces the best dedicated drawing devices, while the Surface tablets are better all around computers and nothing can beat the iPad with Apple Pencil on low price, ease of use and convenience, while losing on integration and access to Wacom PL-2200 Tablet workflows. Both models are highly rated, offer better specs and really good hardware build quality for less than a comparable Wacom product. If your budget allows, I still think the Intuos M is a better long-term investment.

Wacom pl-2200 pen tablet drivers download

Those are the models we feel are the most competitive and up to date, representing the best bang for the buck for any creative professional. It has the right blend of size, resolution and features to satisfy most creative users and display configurations. Hardware quality is excellent and based on the track record of my own Wacom PL-2200 Tablet Wacom Pro tablets, it should last for several years of daily use. Well made, very light and thin, with enough resolution to work well on large displays up to pixels in width. It is also an excellent travel companion for users that already have a Pro model on their main setup and would like a more portable alternative for traveling.


Which models to avoid Note that the small Intuos models are not among our recommended buys for creative work. The Wacom PL-2200 Tablet surface area combined with the lower resolution makes it hard to achieve the necessary cursor precision for creative work, specially Wacom PL-2200 Tablet higher resolution displays. Those models are more suitable for general computer usage, handwriting recognition and for educational uses. Intuos Pro Event though the regular Intuos offers great bang for the buck, there are a few key differences that set the Pro model apart.

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Tilt support Required to correctly simulate the shapes of natural brushes, making it a must-have feature for illustrators working in programs that simulate natural media. Current pen Wacom PL-2200 Tablet offer really high resolution and even the regular Intuos can Wacom PL-2200 Tablet large resolutions with excellent cursor precision. The Intuos M model, for example, can address up to lines per inch, which translates into by points on its surface.


Pro models have double the resolution at lpi and a slightly larger active area. Compared to a typical Wacom PL-2200 Tablet resolution, that is plenty. At that resolution, the Pro model felt a bit more precise, but the regular one was still plenty useable. Build quality and accessories The Intuos Pro is better constructed and feels like a luxury product in hand. Wacom PL-2200 Tablet

The Pro lineup also offers more accessories, like optional pens, nibs and surface sheets Wacom PL-2200 Tablet difference textures. Choosing the correct tablet size Tablet size and resolution vs. The smaller the tablet surface, the less hand movement will be necessary to move the cursor on the screen. In combination with a video projector, the interactive pen display can be used in the same way as a traditional overhead projector, only digitally. Updating or commenting during the presentation results in lively interaction between the presenter and the audience. All handwritten changes can be directly saved in the documents. High precision for process management Working directly on the Wacom PL-2200 Tablet with the pen enables an increased degree of control and accuracy. It was the first to come with Wacom's Pro Pen 2 technology, greatly reducing the space between the cursor and the nib of the pen and also offering pressure levels.

Inkling[ edit ] Inkling, [25] announced on August 30,enables artists to draw sketches on paper that could be converted into digital images. Inkling consists of a receiver, into which artists insert any kind of paper, and a special pen which uses real ink. The PL series has been designed for those, who want to combine the advantage of an pen tablet with a high-quality LCD display – to boost productivity and. The perfect pen display tablet for your presentation and education.

The PL combines WACOM pen technology with a " monitor at Full-HD resolution.

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