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Date Chapter UpdatesDownloaded from www. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer Acer Aspire X1920 Liteon Modem, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Acer Incorporated. DisclaimerThe information in this guide is subject to change without notice. Acer Incorporated makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

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NOTE Gives additional information related to the current topic. To better fit local market requirements and enhance product competitiveness, your regional office MAY have decided to extend the functionality of a machine e. If, for whatever reason, a part number change is made, it will not be noted in the printed service guide.

The exact configuration of your PC depends on the model purchased. Refer to the FRU list chapter on page 79 for a detailed list of models supported by each hardware component. Intel G41 Express Chipset South bridge: Headphone and microphone jacks Rear panel: Since most systems are already properly configured and optimized, there is normally no need to run this utility. You will need to run this utility under the following conditions: When changing the system configuration including: Setting the system time and date Configuring the system drives and peripherals Specifying the boot device sequence Configuring the power management modes Setting up system passwords or making other changes to the security setup When trying to resolve IRQ conflicts When a configuration error is detected by the system and you are prompted "Run Setup" Acer Aspire X1920 Liteon Modem to make changes to the BIOS settings.

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This memory area is not part of the system RAM, which allows configuration data to be retained when power is turned off. The values take effect when the system is booted. POST uses these values to configure the hardware. If the values and the actual hardware do not agree, POST generates an error message. You must run this utility to change the hardware settings from the default or current configuration. In this case, the system cannot retain configuration values in CMOS. Replace the RTC battery with a new one. Acer Aspire X1920 Liteon Modem

Acer Aspire AX1920-ER21P (DT.SG8AA.004)

System UtilitiesChapter 2Downloaded from www. Turn on the server and the monitor. If the server is already turned on, close all open applications, then restart the server.

Some options lead to pop-up dialog boxes that prompt you to verify that you wish to execute that option. Other options lead to dialog boxes that prompt you for information. Acer Aspire X1920 Liteon Modem options marked with a lead to submenus that enable you to change the values for the option. The table below lists these legend keys and their respective functions. The currently selected field will be highlighted. PgUp and PgDn Move the cursor to the previous and next page of a multipage menu.

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Home Acer Aspire X1920 Liteon Modem the cursor to the first page of a multipage menu. End Move the cursor to the last page of a multipage menu. Press these keys repeatedly to display all possible entries. A parameter that is enclosed in square brackets [ ] is user-configurable. Grayed-out parameters are not user-configurable for one of the following reasons: The field value is auto-configured or auto-detected. The field value is informational only. The field is password-protected. Esc If you press this key: On one of the primary menu screens, the Exit menu displays. On a submenu screen, the previous screen displays. When you are making selections from a pop-up menu, closes the pop-up without making a selection.

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