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This entire project actually started several years ago when I built an LC into a PC tower case for my brother. At the time, I really wanted to build that LC into something more interesting, but ATI 2GB Jaz Drive won out. The idea was still in my mind, though. Recently, I took a RCA Globetrotter portable radio and converted it into an external hard drive case. It looks really good, and I amazed several people with it.

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Shortly after that, my brother bought ATI 2GB Jaz Drive old circa late s Zenith radio and record player and accomplished the same task without the portability. That Zenith case donated by my brother is now the case for my Mac. Currently it sports a logic board with a MHz daughtercard those things are amazingly cheap. The Zenith case is very similar in size to the case, and everything fit rather snugly. I had to disassemble the power supply and redis- tribute the components, but aside from that everything else fits amazingly well. Almost too well. One begins to wonder what they knew back when they first built that radio.

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ATI 2GB Jaz Drive I had to make the decision as I was building the Mac which I call the Macintosh DLZ3 for intensely obscure rea- sons whether I would restore the wood of the case or leave it as is. In the end, I left it in its original state, with several nicks and worn spots, and even a small cigarette bum in the back.

As I was putting the machine together, I took pride in showing it to my friends, and several of them pointed out that the radio ATI 2GB Jaz Drive on the front of the case is almost exactly the size of a CD. Challenges began to surface. You can dimly see the CD rotating behind the radio dial. All in all, it works really well.

You can see right into the guts of my Mac. You might notice that the processor daughtercard sticks up above the rim of the case just a bit. When the lid closes, there is probably about an ATI 2GB Jaz Drive of space up there — again, a nearly perfect fit. Also, notice that the hard drive is mounted on its edge — the miracles of Velcro!

The power supply sits underneath the motherboard, on the right side near the back if you are looking into the case from the ATI 2GB Jaz Drive. Once I rearranged the power supply a bit, it fit perfectly, and there is even a vented area on the back of the case right where the power supply bolted in that provides an excellent source of air for the fan.


And with low pricing across the entire Diamond Scan line, Mitsubishi is an even greater value. Mitsubishi also backs each Diamond Scan display with a full 3-year warranty and service and support pro- grams that are ATI 2GB Jaz Drive the best in the business. It all adds up to a lasting, quality investment. Get all the Diamond Scan details - including our multimedia displays - by contacting Mitsubishi Electronics today. Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo arc registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Monitor prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

I still get them from AOL, though.

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Anyone want some free disks? I am wondering when the rest of the computer industry will catch up to me and begin to offer a floppy drive as an option instead of standard equipment. Just remember, you heard it here first! Devin sent us photos of this design months before the Mac ATI 2GB Jaz Drive public knowledge. The cool black keyboard and mouse is from my Mac TV one of the coolest machines ever.

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Since I use the Mac TV to. Sitting on top is the external hard drive case I built out of the RCA portable radio. On the shelf above the moni- tor and next to ATI 2GB Jaz Drive wind-up Zeppelin toy you might be able to spot my Newton. On the top shelf on the right is the Maltese Falcon.

And yes, that is a Thompson up there on the wall. I use it to keep away agents of Microsoft who sometimes try to ATI 2GB Jaz Drive in and install Internet Explorer on my Mac. This inspired me to compose the fol- lowing example of this venerable art form: Autumn leaves drift down; outside frost-covered Windows Macintosh are ripe. Maybe the next update should be Haiku 5. Like, whoa, dude.

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I also noticed in the October issue sev- eral letters praising Mark Simmons. Brand, Iomega. Model, P. Description, VSI 2GB SCSI JAZ Drive JAZZ MAC PC. Include, (1) JAZ Drive.


Condition, Used. Warranty, Guaranteed for. The Jaz drive is a removable hard disk storage system sold by the Iomega company from Initially the drive featured 1GB capacity per removable disk; this was increased to ATI 2GB Jaz Drive in The Jaz drive uses a SCSI interface, with both  Missing: ATI.

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