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Table 3 Clinical recommendations based on epidemiology of adrenal incidentalomas.


We recommend considering the possibility AME F-210 primary adrenal malignancies and metastases from extra-adrenal tumors in all patients with adrenal incidentalomas. We recommend excluding adrenal metastases in oncological patients with adrenal incidentalomas. We recommend excluding primary adrenal malignancies in AME F-210 pediatric patients with adrenal incidentalomas. Although usually high- or moderate-quality evidences generate strong recommendations term used: Radiological assessment Questions 1. What is the diagnostic accuracy of the imaging modalities used to differentiate the various types of adrenal incidentalomas?

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A common limitation of the available studies is the use of broad inclusion criteria, which included not only adrenal incidentalomas but also clinically overt adrenal masses. Moreover, ascertainment of outcome with a definitive pathological diagnosis was missing in most cases. With few exceptions 24the final diagnosis was most frequently inferred from stability of the adrenal mass over variable periods of observation at least 6 months. Another common limitation is AME F-210 lack of a clear definition of the test accuracy that, therefore, had to be indirectly inferred. In general, sensitivity refers to the percentage of subjects with an adrenal malignancy either ACC or metastasis with a positive test, and specificity refers to the percentage of subjects without an adrenal malignancy with a AME F-210 test.

However, a clear differentiation between ACC and metastases has inconsistently been pursued.


Pertinently, relatively few patients with ACC compared with adrenal metastases have been included in the radiological studies that are mostly retrospective. AME F-210 The use of ultrasonography US depends on a large extent on operator skill. Obesity and overlying gas are frequent obstacles for visualization of the adrenal glands Another study found that US has a good reliability in evaluating mass size and its growth with time but has no role in differentiating between benign and malignant adrenal masses Unenhanced CT A key point is that most abdominal and chest CT scans leading to the unexpected discovery of an adrenal mass are obtained with the use of i. In those cases, it may be worthwhile to obtain an unenhanced CT scan specifically aimed for the study of the adrenal glands There is an inverse linear relationship between fat concentration and attenuation on unenhanced CT images.

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Thus, the CT densitometry technique shows that the mean attenuation value of adenomas is significantly lower than that of the non-adenomas. CT densitometry is key because the structural features of most adrenal masses are not specific to allow a AME F-210 characterization.

The size and appearance of an adrenal mass AME F-210 CT may help to distinguish between benign and malignant lesions. In previous studies, a cutoff of 4 cm in size has been reported to be the most reliable way to diagnose malignancy or non-adenomatous lesions but with a very low specificity 48 More AME F-210 studies found that CT attenuation value, expressed in Hounsfield units HUis a superior parameter but can also be used in composite criteria Enhanced CT The percentage washout on delayed images contributes to the differentiation between adenomas and malignant adrenal masses because enhancement — i.

There are two methods to measure percentage washout: Blake et al. All attenuation measurements are in HU. ROC analysis of the performance of APW and RPW criteria in enabling differentiation between benign and malignant adrenal masses excluding pheochromocytomas, cysts, and myelolipomas from analysis showed that APW criteria were more discriminating than RPW criteria AME, Inc.

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AME Position Statement on adrenal incidentaloma

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