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Скачать драйвер для Gateway M-152 Agere Modem Driver 2.1.77 for Vista

This allows for direct and convenient connection of analog telephone sets to VoIP packet telephony over the data network. In Gateway M-152 Agere Modem an arrangement, the regular analog telephony service remains unaffected, because the low-frequency analog portion of the spectrum is isolated by the FDM technique.


As noted above, the outlet may also support a network data connection, using an integrated multi-port unit e. Outlets according to the present invention can be installed as part of an original network installation, Gateway M-152 Agere Modem a retrofit to an existing network, or to set up a network over existing telephone wiring. The drawings and descriptions are conceptual only.

In actual practice, a single component can implement one or more functions; alternatively, each function can be implemented by a plurality of components and circuits. In the drawings and descriptions, identical reference numerals indicate those components that are common to different embodiments or configurations. As shown in FIG. Outlet 75 connects to data network wiring via a connector Connector 71 is preferably located at the rear of Gateway M-152 Agere Modem 75, where outlet 75 mechanically mounts to an interior wall of a building.

Outlet 75 connects to an analog telephone set via a jack Jack 72 can be an RJ jack, which is commonly used in North Gateway M-152 Agere Modem for analog telephony. Outlet 75 allows connecting an analog telephone set via jack 72 to the data network Gateway M-152 Agere Modem connector 71, bridged by an adapter Because of the hub 31, the outlet 70 allows both an analog telephone via jack 72 and a data unit via jack 73 to be connected to the data network via connector Basically, the infrastructure of network 80 is the same as that of prior art network 10 FIG.

However, according to the present invention, outlets 15 a, 15 b, and 15 c of the prior art network 10 are replaced by outlets 70 a, 75 b, and 70 c, respectively, each of which contain an adapter as previously described with reference to FIGS. For example, outlet 75 b has a built-in adapter 21 b.


Outlet 75 b allows for connection of an analog telephone set 22 b using a cable 6 b. Similarly, outlets 70 a and 70 c allow analog telephone Gateway M-152 Agere Modem 22 a and 22 c, respectively, to be connected to the network via cables 6 a and 6 c, respectively, using internal adapters 21 a and 21 c, respectively. Hubs 31 a Gateway M-152 Agere Modem 31 c integrated within outlets 70 a and 70 c, respectively, allow for the connection of DTE units 7 a and 7 c, respectively, to the network, in addition to analog telephones 22 a and 22 c, respectively. Network 80 allows networking of both DTE units 7 a and 7 c and analog telephone sets 22 a, 22 b, and 22 c, and instances of such a network may consist solely of instances of outlet 75 FIG.

Network 80 offers the advantages of the VoIP technology, yet allows the use of common analog telephones, in the normal way of connecting an ordinary telephone, simply by plugging the telephone's standard connector into the jack 72 within the outlet. Although outlets 70 and 75 so far have been described as having a single analog telephone connection, it is understood that multiple analog telephone jacks 72 can be supported, wherein separate adapters 21 are used to interface to each telephone jack within the outlets. Similarly, multiple data networking interfaces 73 can be supported in each outlet 70, each connected to different port of hub Gateway M-152 Agere Modem as shown in FIG.

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Powering outlets 70 and 75, as well as the analog telephones via adapter 21 can be implemented either locally by connecting a power supply to each outlet, or, preferably, via Gateway M-152 Agere Modem network itself. The latter commonly employs DC feeding, which is frequency-isolated from the data carried in the higher part of the spectrum. In another embodiment, the invention is used in a data network over in-building telephone lines, where the analog telephony signals are carried in the low-frequency portion of the spectrum, and the data communication signals are carried in the high-frequency portion.

Outlet 90 connects to the telephone wiring via a connector 91, preferably located at the rear part of outlet 90, where outlet 90 mechanically mounts to an interior wall of the building.

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A Low Pass Filter LPF 37 in outlet 90 is used for isolating the analog telephony part of the spectrum, Gateway M-152 Agere Modem connecting an analog telephone via a jack Jack 92 is preferably a standard telephone jack, such as RJ in North-America. An integrated huh 41 allows sharing data between VoIP adapter 21 and a data jack 93, for connecting external devices to the network via DEC unit 39 with a standard data networking interface such as a 10BaseT interface per IEEE Jack 94 is preferably a standard telephone jack, such as RJ in North-America.

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Outlet 90 supports both standard Gateway M-152 Agere Modem telephony via jack 92 as well as VoIP telephony using a standard analog telephone, via jack Thus, outlet 90 supports three types of interface:Скачать драйвер Gateway M Agere Modem Driver for Vista бесплатно. Specifications: ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo processor T GHz 2 MB.

Agere Systems soft modems support a broad base of commands for data and FAX. The command set .

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