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Magnetic Data Direction: The arrows on these buttons indicate the direction the magnetic data will move on the card's Magnetic Stripe.

Maximum Adjustment Range: As a rule, 20 equals about. Keep this in mind when adjusting this option to avoid overadjusting.


If the negative value is set too high, the Printer may start encoding before the card's Magnetic Stripe reaches the encoding head. This is done in relation to the Printer's built-in Encoder if your Printer alphacard pro 500 (v2) equipped with this option. Setting the Printhead Resistance This is factory set. If the main board or the Printhead is replaced, then adjust this number.

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Locate the Printhead Setting Number on the bottom of the Printhead. Use this setting only for making the temperature of the transfer roller and the LCD goal match.

Use the Alphacard pro 500 (v2) Transfer tab slider to make adjustments for card stock. A - Adjustment will increase the actual roller temperature. Adjust the Ribbon tension if the Ribbon wrinkle is appearing on the card. Adjustments moderately change the image length. Only small adjustments recommended because of sensitivity. Adjustments affect flash and smudge. While positive settings help stop jamming. Disable is indicated with a 0 setting. The counter for this setting starts after Standby Time has elapsed. Using the Standby Time Setting This setting adjusts the time until the printer goes into a reduced transfer roller temperature to conserve energy.

A zero 0 setting disables. Settings are in minutes. Using the Blush Point Setting The blush point is compensation during printing: There is no dye transfer. There is no a light gray line on a portion of the card. This tells the printer to keep track of alphacard pro 500 (v2) environmental temperature and to compensate.


Environmentally Adaptive Transfer automatically adjusts the transfer temperature based on the ambient air conditions within the printer. EAT increases or decreases the transfer roller temperature by as much as 20C in extreme conditions. This setting should be off. Using Enable Ribbon Wrinkle Compensation turns on extra pixels on the printhead to help with ribbon wrinkle during the print process Using alphacard pro 500 (v2) Holo Transfer Offset Setting This option changes the Hologram Overlaminate Offset for placement parameters Using the Standby Temp Setting This option changes the temperature used when the printer is in standby mode Using alphacard pro 500 (v2) Mag Hi-Co Voltage Offset Setting This changes the voltage going to the magnetic head.

Mag Hi-Co Voltage Offset is factory set. Mag Lo-Co Voltage Offset is factory set. Increasing the flipper angle rotates the flipper table clockwise.

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The Mag Flipper Angle Offset is factory setting. Use minimal adjustments, or print ribbon and InTM Film breaks may occur Reviewing the No Printer Connected Error Message If there is no Printer connected or if the Driver is unable to communicate with the Printer, the following error displays and the grid will be blank Reviewing the Value Outside the Range Error Message If typing a value outside the range, an error message displays specific to the setting when leaving the control. All rights reserved 35 3. In the Firmware, the values alphacard pro 500 (v2) the installed Ribbon, Transfer InTM Film and Laminate are updated on initialization including each time the cover is closed. Ribbon and InTM Film Type dropdown boxes are inactive and populated with values of installed supplies. Dual Sided and Options are set to defaults for detected supplies.


For example, no Dual Side options are available without the Flipper installed. This function provides automatic detection of an installed feature whether it is automatically detecting supplies or not. Before the Driver initiates each job, it alphacard pro 500 (v2) the consumable values from the Firmware.

You will see an error message. You see an error message if no Alphacard pro 500 (v2) is found when activating the Device Options tab. All rights reserved 37 3. Download all the drivers, firmware, tools, and more that you need for AlphaCard Pilot, AlphaCard Compass, AlphaCard PROAlphaCard PROand. ID Printer Support. Troubleshooting, Guides, Tutorials, Drivers & More. Choose your Model: AlphaCard · PRO · PRO · PRO · Pilot · Compass.

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