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Nov 22,3: I have found that the problem comes from lack of drive force being transferred to the step down pulley. This is either caused due to wear on the Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW pulley polishing it to smooth or the drive belt stretching. I use an emery disk or board and pull the belt off the pulleys.

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I light buffing with the emery board or wheel restores the the tractive force and the drawers open and closes just fine. All you need do is open the drawer pop the front and lift the belt out carefully with a hooked item operate the drawer Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW few times with the emery making contact with the pulleys and then replace the belt on the pulleys. You don't even need to remove the drive from the case. I had to push Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW button very hard and hold it for several seconds, releasing it, pushing it and doing this three or more times to get the tray to open. Lately, closing the tray has become difficult, needing to push and hold the button very firmly.

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Even a paper clip would not open the tray, nor did using computer to "eject" to open the tray. I was about Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW look for a new optical drive to replace mine, but found a thread at another forum that also contained the how-to given here by anonymous. The problem is, putting the tape padding or sticker on the inside of the puck the area that makes direct contact with the Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW only made it unable to play a disc, making a terrible whirring sound like a cat growling, though I was able to easily open and close the tray for a few times, but then it went back to struggling to open, plus the added growling sound. I figured the magnet had something to do with the problem as you can tell it is quite strong when you test it with a piece of metal, like a screw driver.


Here is what I did, making up my own descriptive names for the parts in Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW Remove optical drive from machine. No need to open unit up. Remove cover plate, that can be made of plastic, or on older units, of metal. With top side up, using sharp pocket knife, carefully pry around the cover plate and label to loosen the glue that holds it down, working knife in angled circular direction of plate. No need to go all way round, just enough to easily remove the contents: Turn small metal twist cover in clockwise motion to unscrew it from plastic puck, being careful not to break off any of the three plastic tabs, as I had done the first time I unscrewed one actually, I used a screwdriver to push one of the plastic tabs upright, thinking that was how it was held down, which broke it off.


Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW you pay attention, you can easily see from the small twist cover that you unscrew it. Once lid is removed, you will see the 10mm metal magnet that is held magnetically to the twist cover.


It has a hole in the centre. You can check magnetic strength with your screwdiver or pocket knife and find out just how strong Lite-On's magnet is.

Quick Review: Lite-On iHAS DVD Writer

This magnet is what pulls the spindle up to secure the disc in place against the plastic puck, and if the magnet is too strong, it can stretch and prematurely wear the rubber belt as it refused to release the spindle. It can also cause the spindle to not fully pull away from puck when button is pressed to open tray or close tray, resulting in the spindle dragging Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW the inserted disc and scratching it. At least, this is what I believe happens. I'm not an engineer. Next, double over a piece of Duct tape to make it two layers thick sticky sides against each other and measure Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW cut a 10mm or so circle.

Remove the magnet from the small metal twist plate and use magnet as a pattern. Remember to replace and center the magnet back on the twist cover.

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Then with nail, poke a hole through the middle, making Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW large enough to fit over the centre post of puck. I tried making a three layer circle padding, but it was too thick and wouldn't allow the magnet and twist cover to close down, so two layers is sufficient.

iHAS COLOR. 24X Internal SATA.

Features; Specification; Datasheet Use your drive for any purpose with the media you desire (including CD-R, CD±RW. The iHAS is the world's first DVD Writer that allows users to burn SMART-X*** function adjusts CD-DA Lite-On iHAS124 C DVD-RW VCD / DVD data extraction to a.

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