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Clock speeds aren't defini- tive yet but we expect Barton to tip in at 2. What Intel will do this quarter, how- ever, depends on what AMD does.

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Considering AMD's on-again, off- again track record with its own release schedule, Intel could take a breather this quarter on the desktop side, and hammer away at mobiles with its Baniaschip, which is designed to save power. The Hammer chip intended for desktop users will be called Athlon in Benq CRW 3210A T.KA way or another, and will have a "per- formance rating" greater than what the actual clocks will be is unknown.

Accompanying the new chip will be the series chipset which includes support for HyperTransport as well as the CPU's on-die memory controller. The company is also expected to Benq CRW 3210A T.KA the Springdale chipset in the first half of Expect perform- ance ratings that are competitive with Intel's offerings. Rumors say Prescott will carry new instructions, multiple cores, and very large amounts of cache a nice bonus made possible by the process tech- nology.

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Intel may even call the new chip "Pentium 5. Most pre- dict Prescott will debut at speeds greater than 3. The company should also be well into development of a 65nm CPU, code-named Nehalem, which is scheduled for Nehalem is rumored to be a completely different chip than the NetBurst-core P4. ATI has already Benq CRW 3210A T.KA the RadeonPro, and We expect nVidia to follow with clocked- down versions of the upcoming NV This new memory type allows accelerator manufacturers to crank the memory clock on equipped boards from around MHz to MHz and beyond. But the competition isn't standing still.


But 8MB is so last year, and word has it that ambitious vendors will pack drives with even larger buffers. Areal density, which helps performance by packing all your data closer together on the disk, is growing as well. Early drives are already expected to fit 80GB on each platter, which is twice the Benq CRW 3210A T.KA of this year's 40GB-per- platter standard.

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This greater density allows for not only jumps in data- fetching performance, but also gigantic capacities, such as the GB promised Benq CRW 3210A T.KA the Maxtor MaXLine II www. Two hard drive manufacturers we spoke to even hinted at triple-digit areal densities by the end ofmaking half-ter- abyte drives almost within reach of the average Joe. This year also heralds the arrival of Serial ATA interface, which will feel like a breath of fresh air — probably because the new, slim SATA cables allow for better airflow than the chunky, parallel ATA ribbon cables with which we're all familiar. That's so good, we can even forgive the drive's stupid spelling. The Seagate Barracuda V www. The Maxtor drive is also avail- able in a parallel version; see our review on page Unfortunately, only the most recent Microsoft OSes and motherboards have support for drives larger than GB.

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The problem is a bit addressing scheme that's been in use since the last size barrier of 8. The fix is to update your system BIOS and operating system to support bit addressing, which will keep you out of trouble until drives hit petabytes.

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It's safe to say that if your motherboard was manufactured Benq CRW 3210A T.KA the past year or so, support for bit addressing will be available via a BIOS update. If your board is too old to handle large drives, no problem:ASUS, CRWAX, CD-RW,Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, None, 6, -6, Archangel BENQ, A, CD-RW,Yes, No, No, Yes, None,exec.

Records 1 - 60 - ASUS CRWA3 CD-RW Firmware driver. BENQ A CD-RW Firmware For WinDOS driver from BENQ for WinDOS.

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