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Fine powders of the three oxides were carefully weighed and mixed together in an agate mortar. Table 1 shows the starting compositions for each sample. Platinum foil Purity Acrox CP2 In order to obtain the targeted oxygen potential, gas mixtures of Ar-CO-CO2 were employed in the present work. In view of the extremely low oxygen partial pressures involved in the equilibration, it was necessary to purify the gases before mixing. The oxygen impurity in the argon gas was removed by passing through copper turnings at K and magnesiusm chips at the same temperature. Traces of CO2 in Ar Acrox CP2 were absorbed by ascarite. Figure 1 shows the schematic arrangement of the furnace.

It was equipped with MoSi2 heating elements. For a packed bed of particles, if the fluidization Acrox CP2 is less than the minimum fluidization velocity, the particles remain fixed. Pressure profiles and relationships between superficial gas velocities, total solids inventory and net solids circulation rate for FBs have been reported [57,67,—]. However, most hydrodynamic studies have been conducted in a narrow range of operating conditions in coldflow models consisting of relatively small-scale fluidization columns. A detailed operating mapping of a CLC system consisting of one AR operating in the fast fluidization regime and one FR in the bubbling fluidization regime has been prepared at UBC, including superficial gas velocities, solids circulation flux, pressure profile, solids hold-up, gas leakage, aeration gas velocity and Acrox CP2 relationships [68] See Figure 2.


Acrox CP2 Gas leakage between reactors can adversely affect CO2 capture efficiency and CO2 purity. The pressure in the two reactors should be approximately equal in order to minimize gas leakage between them.

Gas leakage is generally not a major problem during the operation of systems with loop-seals since it can be avoided by using steam or other gases. One of the important features that an OC must possess is to have high resistance to attrition, especially for Acrox CP2 interconnected fluidized bed CLC system.

CO2 Capture with Chemical Looping Combustion of Gaseous Fuels

Particle crushing strength and Air Jet Index AJI were determined for the fresh materials, as well as the attrition rate and the corresponding particle lifetime during multi-cycle redox reactions. A comparison was made of the different Acrox CP2 used to evaluate attrition behaviour. This arrangement reduced the power requirement for fluidization, avoided fuel segregation with less char at the reactor exit. Thon et al.

However, the presence of unconverted combustible gas in the FR was reported. The first one is a kW steam gasifier, the syngas produced was introduced to a kW CLC of continuous operation. The coupling of the two Acrox CP2 done by a hot product gas fan.


Chiu et al. Strohle et al. Abad etal. FBs can be employed for CLC with either gaseous fuels or solid and liquid fuels due to the fuel flexibility and excellent gas and solid contacting. The packed bed reactor shows high tunability in heat management and reactor configuration, because the air and fuel reactors are completely independent []. In a packed bed reactor configuration for CLC, the OC is statically contained and alternatively exposed to oxidizing and reducing gases. Solid circulation is not required for this case. Hence, high-pressure operation can be achieved without much difficulty. The packed bed reactor is compact and offers potential for better utilization of the OC and low capital cost. Moreover, a two packed-bed in series could help the CLC system to obtain the desired temperature rise oC for hot air and avoid fuel slip, making the OC selection become less critical [,].

The packed bed CLC system has been tested at up to 7 bar using syngas as fuel and ilmenite as OC []. It has been found that wet syngas has to be Acrox CP2 as reducing fuel to avoid excessive carbon deposition that reduces the CO2 capture efficiency of the system.

A maximum temperature rise of oC has been obtained in the reactor, which is in good agreement with the theoretical prediction when accounting for the heat losses. The main disadvantages of the packed bed reactor are its dynamic and batch operation, and the necessity of high temperature valves. It has been shown that the maximum temperature is independent of the gas mass flow rate or oxidation kinetics of the OC in a packed-bed reactor CLC system, which results in high flexibility to changes in production capacity, with little disturbance due to changes in reaction kinetics []. Dahl et al. Although an inert gas is introduced to avoid mixing of the two reacting gases, gas interchange between the AR and FR is a challenge and may be unavoidable based on previous research.

Pneumatic L-valves were used to control the solid circulation rates independently of the gas flow and solids inventory Acrox CP2 each reactor [7,]. Ryu et al.

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Aeration gas fed to the two loop seals was used to adjust the Acrox CP2 circulation rate for a CLC unit consisting of two interconnected fluidized beds at UBC [68], with the AR operating in the fast fluidization flow regime, while the FR is a BFB. Acrox CP2 Technologies Co. Drivers. Download the latest version of USB Card Reader. Dec 9, by Nagarajah (DG Staff Member): "CP2 Driver - CardReader". Use the list below to find the correct Acrox Technologies Co. Other driver. Next, select the driver from the list CP2 Driver · CR1 Driver · CR2 Driver · CR3 Driver.

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