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Hands-On Review The name's Bond.

Teradek bond pro hardware drivers. Get teradek bond pro drivers download

And it's a cellular bonding device and encoder that delivers terrific performance at a price point that's almost unbelievable. This summer they introduced the Bond II. Enough Teradek Bond II CoProcessor break Miss Moneypenny into a fidgeting sweat for sure! I should probably drop the Ian Fleming take: I can hear a few broadcast engineers shifting uneasily. Teradek Bond II So what is it? The Bond version 1 is a channel-bonding link aggregator expansion pack for the Teradek Cube series of compact video encoders.

Teradek Bond Ii Coprocessor Firmware Driver Download

This in turn lends itself to small form factor devices and that is what the Cube is: For many applications they are excellent. The Bond extension for the Cube had a proprietary link between itself and the Cube that let the channel-bonding link Teradek Bond II CoProcessor and separate encoder communicate to ensure that the critical vertical integration between the multiplex over the bonded link, and the video encoding process could vary— creating a two-part system that was a true cellmux.

Having sold many of these devices as a paired system it obviously became clear that there was a market for a single integrated Teradek Bond II CoProcessor. And that is what the Bond II is—it is a true cellmux, a vertically integrated video and obviously audio encoder, combined with a channel bonding video multiplexer and a link aggregation protocol.

Teradek has used the extra real estate to provide an extra USB port for a sixth cellular modem, offering greater options for the link aggregation. Other key features of note: You can monitor the encoded feed locally from an iOS device using the built-in Wi-Fi link.

There is an interruptible foldback IFB feature so the directors at the TV studio can communicate to the field engineer for cueing and programming Teradek Bond II CoProcessor. The device can be programmed through an built-in web Teradek Bond II CoProcessor driver user interface, and, with a little patience, the basic button interface on the unit itself can be used to control most parameters quickly and logically. This then demuxes recombines all the different inbound streams into a single output, which then outputs typically on IP the combined stream as a single video source. Latency over the link can be fine-tuned: This can cause some in the world of traditional broadcast to raise an eyebrow of disapproval, but then if they want to solve that problem they would need to run a fiber to the location and bring in a high-end, extremely expensive video codec. That is NOT the application this market is targeting.

It Costs How Much?

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So that leads to one final comment before we look at the performance over my benchmark course. Not because the page is confusing, but because the prices seem simply unrealistic.

Teradek bond pro drivers download

Before I let the cat out of the bag, let me just reflect on what it used to cost me to implement a short-term, Teradek Bond II CoProcessor satellite-based, temporary internet connection in the field when I first started webcasting in the last half of the 90s. Also, satellite systems without military grade gimbals need to be stationary, leaving your broadcast transmission link in a fixed location Teradek Bond II CoProcessor you are setup. If you are able to stay in a fixed location and plan for the event, then these are extremely good for high SLA broadcast contribution feeds, but where you need spontaneity and mobility, the cellmux technology platforms have really changed the whole dynamic. Then, once set up, cellmux are usually with only one exception that I know of completely mobile, requiring no external power, encoders, monitoring, etc.

The larger units with external antennae provide incredible range, and work indoors too. They are all typically active within a minute or so of turning on.


This has been a disruptive price point facilitated by using USB dongle modems rather than the complex high-gain antenna found on the higher-end systems. We will explore this further later on.

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So if that price point is attractive for ENG field cameramen—perhaps an order of magnitude smaller than satellite systems of old—the Bond II will stun you. The Bond II encoder and Bond Pro encoder differ from other legacy Wi-Fi connection, and the Coprocessor which sends communication over. CoProcessor Firmware, Teradek Firmware Version New Features Bug Fixes. Teradek Bond II CoProcessor II/Pro Bonjour advertisements did not work.

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