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Also, your notes are not equivalent to investing directly in the underlier stocks, i.

SY-6BB Family Motherboard

You should carefully consider whether the offered notes are suited to your particular circumstances. These pricing models are proprietary and rely in part on certain assumptions about future events, which Soyo SY-6BB Family prove to be incorrect. As a result, the actual value you would receive if you sold your notes in the secondary market, if any, to others may differ, perhaps materially, from the estimated value of your notes determined by reference to our models due to, among other things, any differences in pricing models or assumptions used by others.

In addition to the factors discussed above, the value and quoted price of your notes at any time will reflect many factors Soyo SY-6BB Family cannot be predicted. These changes may adversely affect the value of your notes, including the price you may receive for your notes in any market making transaction.

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Furthermore, if you sell your notes, you will likely be charged a commission for secondary market transactions, or the price will likely reflect a dealer discount. This commission or discount will further reduce the proceeds you would receive for your notes in a secondary market sale. Soyo SY-6BB Family Notes Are Subject to the Credit Risk of the Issuer Although the return on the notes will be based on the performance of the underlier, the payment of any amount due on the notes is subject to our credit risk.

  • Preliminary Pricing Supplement dated June 29,
  • Preliminary Pricing Supplement dated September 16,
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The notes are our unsecured obligations. Your notes will be paid in cash and you will have no right to receive delivery of any underlier stocks. Table of Contents We May Sell an Additional Aggregate Face Amount of the Notes at a Different Issue Price At our sole option, we may decide to sell an additional aggregate face amount of the notes subsequent to the date of this pricing supplement. The issue price of the notes in the subsequent sale may differ substantially higher or lower from the original issue price you paid as provided on the cover of this pricing supplement. If you purchase notes at a price that differs from the face amount of the notes, then the return on your investment in such notes held to the stated maturity date will differ from, and may be substantially less Soyo SY-6BB Family, the return on notes purchased at face amount.

If you purchase your notes at a premium to face amount and hold them to the stated maturity date the return on your investment in the notes will be lower than it would have been had you purchased the notes at face amount or a discount to face amount. In addition, the impact of the cap level on the return on your investment will depend upon the price you pay for your notes relative to face amount.


For example, if you purchase your notes at a premium to face amount, the cap level will only permit a lower percentage increase in your investment in the notes than would have been the case for notes purchased at face amount or a discount to face Soyo SY-6BB Family. Federal Income Tax Purposes The notes will be treated as debt instruments subject Soyo SY-6BB Family special rules governing contingent payment debt instruments for U. If you are a U. This comparable yield is determined solely to calculate the amount on which you will be taxed prior to maturity and is neither a prediction nor a guarantee of what the actual yield will be.

In addition, any gain you may recognize on the sale, Soyo SY-6BB Family or maturity of the notes will be taxed as ordinary interest income. If you are a secondary purchaser of the notes, the tax consequences to you may be different. Please also consult your tax advisor concerning the U. The Global Industry Classification Sectors include with the approximate percentage currently included in such sectors indicated in parentheses: Sector designations Soyo SY-6BB Family determined by the underlier sponsor using criteria it has selected or developed. Index sponsors may use very different standards for determining sector designations.

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In addition, many companies operate in a number of sectors, but are listed in only one sector and the basis on which that sector is selected may also differ. As a result, sector comparisons between indices with different index sponsors may reflect differences in Soyo SY-6BB Family as well as actual differences in the sector composition of the indices.

The above information supplements the description of the underlier found in the accompanying general terms supplement. Historical Closing Levels of the Underlier The closing level of the underlier has fluctuated in the past and may, in the future, experience significant fluctuations. Any historical upward or downward trend in the closing level of the underlier during the period shown below is not an indication that the underlier is more or less likely to increase or Soyo SY-6BB Family at any time during the Soyo SY-6BB Family of your notes.

SOYO SY-6BB Family Free Documentation Download - m6bbpdf

You should not take the historical levels of the underlier as an indication of the future performance of the underlier. We cannot give you any assurance that the future performance of the underlier or the underlier stocks will result in your receiving an amount greater than the outstanding face amount of your notes Soyo SY-6BB Family the stated maturity date. Neither we nor any of our affiliates make any representation to you as to the performance of the underlier. SOYO SY-6BB Family Motherboard Memory. Maximum Memory MB Memory Slots 3 (3 banks of 1) non-removable Soyo SY-6BB Family memory 0MB CPU options: Intel. SOYO SY-6BB Family Free Documentation Download - m6bbpdf .


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