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MWI Message Wiaiting Indicator; how a messaging system tells a SIP phone to turn its message lampand perhaps provide additional minimal information as well.

Avaya Communication Manager Acronym List: Term Description

NAT is often used at a firewall to prevent public access. Octaplane Avaya octelacm link between any Cajun based box; Ethernet switches, routers, and G all have octaplane capability.


QoS Quality of Service; generic term that refers to guaranteed levels of service for specific traffic types. QoS parameters can be administered in ACM in endpoints and in the system, but they rely on QoS being implemented in the data network. Known as G in SeaGUll. Script Editor Feature of IP SoftPhone that enables the user to automate tasks, such as retrieval Avaya octelacm records from the Phonebook application to flash a caller ID on incoming calls. A specification for a new generation of modular transceivers.

The devices are designed for use with small form factor SFF connectors, and offer high speed and Avaya octelacm compactness. With the onset of the Avaya IP Office, Merlin customers have been migrating to this robust solutions and can reuse their sets.


Audix, Octel, and Merlin Mail and Messaging. Pay as you grow architecture and feature rich Avaya octelacm on a medium sized solution. Grow up to endpoints per processor. This solution allows analog, digital, H. Free features like 64 conference bridge, built in call recording, high level ACD and queuing features and well as voicemail to email is extremely popular. If you are a current Merlin Magix with, or or Definity series, user feel free to reuse these endpoints. Avaya Definity Phone Systems: Definity customers have,,and series telephone options in analog, digital, voip, or sip endpoints.

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Most systems use phone networks, either cellular- or landline-based, as the conduit for all of these functions. Some systems may use multiple telecommunications methods, permitting recipients and callers to retrieve or leave messages through multiple methods such as PCs, PDA, Cellphones or Smartphones. Simple voicemail systems function as a remote answering machine using touch-tones as the user interface. More complicated systems may use other input devices such as voice or a computer interface. Simpler voice-mail systems may play the audio message through the phone, while more advanced systems may have alternative delivery methods, including email or Avaya octelacm message delivery, message transfer and forwarding options, and multiple mailboxes. Almost all modern voicemail systems use digital storage and are typically stored on computer data storage.

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Notification methods also vary based on the voice-mail system. Simple systems may not provide active notification at Avaya octelacm, instead requiring the recipient to check with the system, while others may provide an indication that messages are waiting.

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Interactive Voice Response IVR systems may use digital information stored in a corporate data base to select pre-recorded Avaya octelacm and phrases stored in a voice-mail vocabulary to form sentences that are delivered to the caller. The conventional solution to efficient handling of telephone communication in businesses was the " message center.


Extensions that were busy or rang "no answer" would forward to the message center using a device called a "call director". The call Avaya octelacm had a button for each extension in the company which would flash when that person's extension forwarded to the message center. A little label next to the button told the operator the person being called. While it was an improvement over basic multi-line systems, the Avaya octelacm center had many disadvantages.

Many calls would come in simultaneously at peak periods, such Avaya octelacm lunch time, and operators were often busy. x. Octel Audio Compression Manager.

File:x. Octel Audiox. Octel Audio. from: ftp:// Save the attached file. Open it with Sound Avaya octelacm or Media Player." Does anyone.

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