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A Nature Research Journal. Tumor extent ASL Fusion of nasopharyngeal carcinoma NPC is critical for delineating the radiotherapeutic target region. Significant correlations existed between different series r: Remarkably high ICC value 0. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma NPC is a type of malignant head and neck tumor commonly seen in Asian population, especially in ASL Fusion China 1. Radiotherapy or concurrent chemoradiotherapy are the main curative treatment due to the sensitivity of NPC to radiation.

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Three dimensional intensity modulated radiotherapy IMRT is commonly used to locate radiation ASL Fusion for tumor and high risk region, while protecting adjacent healthy tissue to reduce the radiation side-effect. NPC is usually derived from nasopharyngeal mucosa. Nasopharyngoscope and biopsy are commonly practiced to confirm the pathology of NPC, however neither of the two is able to accurately assess the tumor extents as tumors often invade the surrounding deep tissues along the submucosa. Therefore, imaging is usually needed for tumor staging and also to delineate the target region of radiotherapy. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI is the optimal modality for NPC diagnosis and staging due to its excellent morphological contrast 23. Arterial spin labeling ASL is a noninvasive MRI technique that uses blood as an endogenous tracer to image the perfusion effects in tissue, avoiding the danger such as allergy and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis NSF caused by contrast agent 6.

For ASL, the contrast between tumor and surrounding tissues is attributed to the relatively high blood flow BF in tumor as compared to in surrounding tissues, and combination of ASL ASL Fusion T2WI-FS images would improve the morphological description of tumor as the ASL images are usually of low spatial resolution.

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Good agreement between inter-series measurements was received based on the Bland Altman analysis: ASL Fusion line and adjacent number indicates the mean difference, and whilst dashed line and number indicates the limits of agreement. T2WI-FS a showed poorly defined nodule in right pharyngeal recess with slightly higher signal intensity compared with surrounding muscle. CBF maps with reversed contrast b showed poor anatomical features and irregular nodular high signal intensity on the right region solid arrow and slightly back arrow head in the central region.

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Enhanced T1WI d showed significantly enhanced ASL Fusion with similar extent to fusion imaging. T2WI-FS a showed poorly defined tumor in left pharyngeal recess and parapharyngeal region with slight hyper-intense signal comparing to surrounding muscle.

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Thickened mucosa of parapharyngeal posterior wall near the tumor was observed. CBF maps with reversed contrast b showed nodular hyper-intense signal on ASL Fusion left solid arrow and patchy hyper-intense signal on the back hollow arrow region. A nodule with pseudo-color curved arrow was shown on the right retropharyngeal lymph node.

Enhanced T1WI d showed contrast enhanced tumor with similar extent to fusion images and retropharyngeal lymph node curved arrow. T2WI-FS a showed poorly defined tumor that had little contrast compared to surrounding tissue. CBF maps with reversed contrast b showed irregular hyper-intense signal area. The patchy pseudo-color areas on brainstem and cerebellum arrow head which exhibited no lesion on T2WI-FS and discontinuous to nasopharyngeal tumor were considered to be normal high perfusion region. Enhanced T1WI d showed ASL Fusion enhanced tumor on sphenoid sinus, cavernous sinus and meninges solid arrow. Using the same series, remarkably high ICC value and relatively low wsCV were obtained between the two observers.

Previous studies of DCE-MRI on NPC showed that perfusion images may assist in diagnosis and treatment in evaluating clinical stage, therapeutic effect, differentiating the tumor recurrence from post-therapeutic change, and predicting prognosis 789.


Contrast media allows great image contrast between the tumor and surrounding tissue, which is much less obvious on non-contrast enhanced T1, T2 image. However, the contrast administration may have side-effects such as allergy and NSF Arterial spin labeling uses the endogenous blood as a contrast media to achieve perfusion imaging, and avoids the issues associated with contrast media administration. Early studies on ASL were mainly focused on central nerve system, and then attention shifted ASL Fusion organ and tumor of neck and body in recent years.

Fusion Academy American sign language asl teacher Jobs in New York, NY

The study of Gillis et al. Secondly, the nasopharyngeal image did not need motion correction as the fixed position had little motion artifacts. Our results showed that NPC demonstrated high perfusion in which BF was significantly higher than that of surrounding muscle. It indicated that ASL could help assessing the blood supply and distinguishing the tumor and surrounding normal tissue to define the tumor extent. Previous studies of ASL were mainly focused on perfusion quantitative assessment, but less on morphological assessment. In a prostate ASL study, Cai W 14found high contrast-to-noise ratio CNR between cancerous and non-cancerous areas of the prostate the highest to Therefore, ASL is able to provide good contrast between tumor and non-tumor regions, but the main issues of ASL are poor anatomical definition and lack of precise lesion location, as similar to DWI.

Compared to conventional ASL acquisition, this technique has three advantages: T2WI-FS alone is limited in defining the tumor extent as although NPC shows higher or slightly higher signal intensity than muscle, it has similar signal level to normal nasopharyngeal mucosa and cerebral cortex. Welcome to the 5th Annual ASL Fusion! Fing Problems by ASAP with Amber Galloway Gallegos November. Austin, Texas - October 30, CM7 Deaf Film ASL Fusion 2, views.

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